Eddie Zarook: Nobody Cares EP

Zarook's own “Nobody Cares” opens understatedly, peppering its snappy low-end pulse and hovering synth chord with dub touches, before picking up the pace and activity level. Subtle percussive and chordal accents appear from all corners and gradually accumulate until the track becomes a more forceful exercise in slinky tech-house. In the first of two remixes, Lopazz (Stefan Eichinger) turns “Nobody Cares” into a buoyant stepper that's got party written all over it, with quirky squeaks and squeals liberally splattered over the tune's light-footed, bass-heavy groove. In Don Williams' hands, the cut becomes a driving slice of tech-house pitter-patter that swings funkily for almost ten grooving minutes. The generous length gives Williams ample time to work his magic: stripping the tune to a percussive workout halfway through, and then building it back up with the addition of an ascending three-note motif, wood-block accents, and a second three-note theme that's slower and silkier by comparison.

December 2009