Zandvoort: "Zandvoort" (Utility Player, Rednetic)
Aradia: "Exile" (Aradia - Demo, Aradia)
Alder & Ash: "A Seat Amongst God and His Children" (Clutched in the Maw of the World, Lost Tribe Sound)

Ensemble for These Times: "Such Innocent Words" (Surviving: Women's Words, Centaur

Blair Coron: "Kandinsky" (DO / RE, Blair Coron)
Grdina / Houle / Loewen / Delbecq: "Soro" (Ghost Lights, Songlines)

Mark Harris: "The Drowning of the King of Straw" (The Exquisite Corpse, Bigo and
Prana Crafter: "Luminous Clouds" (MindStreamBlessing, Eiderdown Records)
Nytt Land: "Gullinkambi (Völuspá, 42-44)" (Fimbulvinter, Cold Spring Records)

Andrew Elaban:"Seven Shifts on the Horizon"(Siyavakashela vol. 1 - Cincinnati, Heligator Records)
earthborn visions: "pensive resolution" (relief. silence comes, Naviar Records)
Pacific Loon: "Santa Maria Della Fede (to wane without disparagement)" (It was darker,
then lighter, till it was all drowned in splendor
, Pacific Loon)

Broken Thoughts: "Things Kept Falling" (Realign, Broken Thoughts)
Mankind: "Under Flame" (Missing Person, 38)
Sound Meccano & Jura Laiva: "Part V" (Salty Wind And Inner Fire, Sound Meccano)

Atariame: “Fluffy Paws (Fear Is the World, Constellation Tatsu)
Crisopa: "I am the lord of these ruins" (Transhumante, Crisopa)
OVOD: "Part III" (Autumn Mornings, OVOD Music)

Nathan Shubert: "Folds"
(Folds, Nathan Shubert)

Fovea Hex: "The Salt Garden 2 (sampler)"
(The Salt Garden 2, Headphone Dust)

Salty: "Lifetime Bowler"
(Camera, The Content (L)abel)

Dday One: "Contact"
(Gathered Between, The Content (L)abel)

Kamasi Washington: "Truth"
(Harmony of Difference EP, Young Turks)

One World Symphony: Sung Jin Hong's DEFIANT:
A Symphonic Poem with Four Interconnected Movements

(One World Symphony)

Itoko Toma: "Fantasia"
(When the World Will Mix Well, Schole)

Akira Kosemura: "Someday (Reworked 2017)" (feat. Devendra Banhart)
(Someday EP, Schole)

North Atlantic Drift: "Dream Sequence"
(Departures, Vol. 1, Polar Seas Recordings)

Lullatone: "Lullatone's 2016 Adventure Journal"