James Osland: "Just Feel Me, Dear Human" (Gone For A While, Whitelabrecs)
Substrates: "Return" (Lethean, Substrates)
Tatira: "Twisted Arms" (The Light Will Disappear, Tatira)

Tyson Swindell: "Mr. Owl Ate My Metal Worm" (Palindromes, Tyson Swindell)
Makunouchi Bento: "20 Fingers Club Lullaby" (3 Electrical Snowghosts, Makunouchi Bento)
India Yeshe Gailey: "Lucid" (Lucid, India Yeshe Gailey)

Elskavon: "Syna" (Skylight, Anthem Falls Music)
Kenji Oh (Giacomo Fiore, prepared guitar): “Autumn Song (Yoshitsune Senbon Zakura -Josetsu Horikawa, Pinna Records)
Hour: “The Passion of Joan of Arc (Tiny Houses, Sleeper Records)

Francis M. Gri: "Counting Leaves" (Fall and flares, KrysaliSound)
DR: "III" (Field recording meets sound, KrysaliSound)
the volume settings folder: "Laguna Rising - Neon Flares Dripping Down My Spine"(Hamlets,
the volume settings folder)

Kraut Sounds: "Crystal Waters" (Echoes, Kraut Sounds)
Robert Stillman: "Portal 3" (Portals, Orindal Records)
Visionary Hours: "Empty Hills Just After Rain" (Beyond the White, Preserved Sound)

Nick Nightingale: "The Dragon with Three Heads" (Ambient Guitar Works, Nick Nightingale)
Daniela Orvin: “Unmasked (Untitled (2014-2016), Gravity’s Rainbow Tapes)
the prairie lines: “this is where we kneel(eyes down slowdown, Whitelabrecs)

flica: "Listener"
(Sub:Side, Schole)

Tambour: "Silhouettes" (Moderna Records)

DMLLL: "Although" (Short Tales of Winter EP, Verses Records)

Substrates: "Enter" (Lethean EP, Substrates)

DJ Agile: "High Off" (feat. Desiire) (The Boogie Volume 6, Tokyo Dawn Records)

Mis+ress: "Nested Infinities" (Mis+ress, Somewherecold Records)

Bruno Sanfilippo: "Doll" (Ad21)

The Gentleman Losers: "The Good Bird Singin' in the Twilight Tree" (Permanently Midnight, Grainy Records)

1921: "In My Veins" (In My Veins, Compunctio)

The Knells: "Poltergeist" (Knells II, Still Sound Music)