Alder & Ash: "A Prelude to the Decline" (Psalms for the Sunder, Lost Tribe Sound)
Beholding: "Bound..." (Ocean Grave, Beholding)
William Ryan Fritch: "Still and Dense Solitude" (Old Believers (Extended Edition), Lost
Tribe Sound

Romain Iannone: "NOV_22" (Nocturne Works, oqko)
Endurance: "Cyclops" (The Invincible, Pyramid Blood)
The Green Kingdom: "Aventurine" (The North Wind and the Sun, Lost Tribe Sound)

Manos Milonakis: "Dressing" (Festen, Moderna Records)
Scattered Lodges: "Umami, Pt. 1" (Asymmetric Soup, Scattered Lodges)
The Corrupting Sea: "I Love You Over the Moon" (Samatta, The Corrupting Sea)

Zandvoort: "Zandvoort" (Utility Player, Rednetic)
Aradia: "Exile" (Aradia - Demo, Aradia)
Alder & Ash: "A Seat Amongst God and His Children" (Clutched in the Maw of the World, Lost Tribe Sound)

Ensemble for These Times: "Such Innocent Words" (Surviving: Women's Words, Centaur

Blair Coron: "Kandinsky" (DO / RE, Blair Coron)
Grdina / Houle / Loewen / Delbecq: "Soro" (Ghost Lights, Songlines)

Mark Harris: "The Drowning of the King of Straw" (The Exquisite Corpse, Bigo and Twigetti)
Prana Crafter: "Luminous Clouds" (MindStreamBlessing, Eiderdown Records)
Nytt Land: "Gullinkambi (Völuspá, 42-44)" (Fimbulvinter, Cold Spring Records)

Rebecca Hennessy's FOG brass band: “Lagoon"
(Two Calls, FOG)

Verneri Pohjola: “'Pekka' Trailer"
(Pekka, Edition Records)

Rotem Sivan Trio (feat. Gracie Terzian): “Over the Rainbow"
(Antidote, Aima Records)

Wako & Oslo Strings: “Song for All the Annettes"
(Modes for All Eternity, AMP Music & Records)

Man, Woman, Friend, Computer: "Exordium/Outgrown" (video: Yuliya Tsukerman)
(Man, Woman, Friend, Computer, Man, Woman, Friend, Computer)

Anne Vanschothorst: “Terra Incognita”
(Beautiful World, HSM)


Jeppe Zeeberg: “Fall: Song for the Relatively Young”
(The Four Seasons, Jeppe Zeeberg)

Jaimie Branch: “Fly or Die”
(International Anthem)

Jaco Pastorius: "Truth, Liberty & Soul—Live in NYC (The Story)"
(Resonance Records)

Anneli Drecker: "Raindrops"
(Revelation For Personal Use, Rune Grammofon)