Ed Carlsen: "Spring" (Elusive Frames, Moderna Records)
Ak'chamel, The Ecstatic Brotherhood of Anima Mundi: "Life Is Not For Me" (Death Chants,
Ak'chamel, The Ecstatic Brotherhood of Anima Mundi Bandcamp)
Gilman Mom: "Houndstooth" (Manifest Destiny, Macaque Records)

Samantha Bouquin: "Contemplation #3" (Contemplations on Solitude and Strings, Mythical
Lunar Lemur: "Alpha Particle Emission" (Gas Sculptures, Trinket Trance)
Dirigent: "Black Rain" (Gomel 1986 [compilation], Naviar Records)

Broken Chip: "The Same Space" (Disappearing Sun, Broken Chip)
Flyinglow: "Amber" (Flyinglow, Substream)
Glenn Stallcop: "Evening Song" (Quail Song, Glenn Stallcop)

William Ryan Fritch: "Gnashing Metals" (Sum of its Parts, Lost Tribe Sound)
Seamus O'Muineachain: "Gom" (Cloves, Seamus O'Muineachain)
Altered Axiom: "Reprise" (Insulation Kit, Altered Axiom)

Alder & Ash: "A Prelude to the Decline" (Psalms for the Sunder, Lost Tribe Sound)
Beholding: "Bound..." (Ocean Grave, Beholding)
William Ryan Fritch: "Still and Dense Solitude" (Old Believers (Extended Edition), Lost
Tribe Sound

Romain Iannone: "NOV_22" (Nocturne Works, oqko)
Endurance: "Cyclops" (The Invincible, Pyramid Blood)
The Green Kingdom: "Aventurine" (The North Wind and the Sun, Lost Tribe Sound)

Sontag Shogun: "no.4 (Sonar)"
(Patterns For Resonant Space, Youngbloods)

David Helping: "The Slowest of Waves: The Making of A Sea Without Memory"
(Spotted Peccary Music)

Mike Downes: "Root Structure EPK"
(Addo Records)

Anne Vanschothorst: “Terra Incognita”
(Beautiful World, HSM)

VVV: "Spellbound"
(Shadow World, Holodeck Records)

a glow: "monsters"
(of the undergrowth, roter punkt)

Braiden: "V.O.L.A.T."
(V.O.L.A.T. / Hydroplane, Off Out)

Rebecca Hennessy's FOG brass band: “Lagoon"
(Two Calls, FOG)

Rotem Sivan Trio: “'Antidote' EPK"
(Antidote, Aima Records)

Wako & Oslo Strings: “Song for All the Annettes"
(Modes for All Eternity, AMP Music & Records)