Endurance: "Starsea" (Endurance, Endurance)
Norihito Suda: "Lying in the Hidden Chasm" (Autumn [VA], Bigo & Twigetti)
Max Ananyev: "9" (The Way to the Ocean, Preserved Sound)

Aija Alsina: "Morning Glow" (domum, Aija Alsina)
kj: "Angels" (spells, Lost Tribe Sound)
The World Next Door: "Ride A Comet, Dumbass" (Long Con Turtle Stack, The World Next Door)

Ludmila: "Day 2" (1 Day 1 Track, Whitelabrecs)
Simon McCorry: "Song" (Blue, Simon McCorry)
Patkus: "Epilogue" (Alyosha, Patkus)

Ed Carlsen: "Spring" (Elusive Frames, Moderna Records)
Ak'chamel, The Ecstatic Brotherhood of Anima Mundi: "Life Is Not For Me" (Death Chants,
Ak'chamel, The Ecstatic Brotherhood of Anima Mundi)
Gilman Mom: "Houndstooth" (Manifest Destiny, Macaque Records)

Samantha Bouquin: "Contemplation #3" (Contemplations on Solitude and Strings, Mythical
Lunar Lemur: "Alpha Particle Emission" (Gas Sculptures, Trinket Trance)
Dirigent: "Black Rain" (Gomel 1986 [compilation], Naviar Records)

Broken Chip: "The Same Space" (Disappearing Sun, Broken Chip)
Flyinglow: "Amber" (Flyinglow, Substream)
Glenn Stallcop: "Evening Song" (Quail Song, Glenn Stallcop)

Chantal Acda: "Bounce Back" (Bounce Back, Glitterhouse Records)

Heather Woods Broderick: "Home Winds" (Home Winds, Planthouse)

Kauan: "Kaiho" (Kaiho, Kauan)

Target Archery: "Soujourn" (Clock of the Long Now, Hidden Shoal)

Hammock: "This Is Not Enough (Epilogue)" (Mysterium, Hammock Music)

Fovea Hex: "All Those Signs" (The Salt Garden II, Janet Records)

Douwe Eisenga: "For Mattia" (For Mattia, Douwe Eisenga)

Tomas Fujiwara: "Blueberry Eyes" (Triple Double, Firehouse 12 Records)

SEPALOT: “Konzentrat” (feat. M.Lindermayr) (Seek, SEPALOT)

Akira Kosemura: "In The Dark Woods" (In The Dark Woods, Schole)