Plantagenet 3: "The Kraken Wakes" (The Decline and Fall of Plantagenet 3, Jitter)
Strategy: "Occurrence at the Triple Door" (The Infinity File, Geographic North)
John D. Reedy: "Dreams of Athens" (The Great Long Distance, John D. Reedy)

Philip Lewin: "Time Is Passing" (Am I really Here All Alone?, Tompkins Square)
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Endless Melancholy: "Silent Dawn, Grey Twilight" (Music for Quiet Mornings, Preserved
Garreth Broke: "Dita e Verës" (March EP, 1631 Recordings)

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Daigo Hanada: "Solitude"
(Ichiru, Moderna Records)
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Forest Walker: "Desert Lighthouse" (UV Sea, Constellation Tatsu)
Alex Tiuniaev: "Raindrops" (Beautiful Little Songs for Piano, Alex Tiuniaev)
ROUGGE: "Fragment 53" (Cordes EP, ROUGGE)

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Soda Lite: "Galatea Point" (In Eco, Constellation Tatsu)

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(When the World Will Mix Well, Schole)

Akira Kosemura: "Someday (Reworked 2017)" (feat. Devendra Banhart)
(Someday EP, Schole)

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(Departures, Vol. 1, Polar Seas Recordings)

Garreth Broke: "Dita e Verës"
(March EP, 1631 Recordings)

Lana Del Rey: "Love"
(Lana Del Rey)

Lullatone: "Lullatone's 2016 Adventure Journal"

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(Preservation, Basin Rock)

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Akira Kosemura: "You"
(Our Own Picture EP, Schole)