Francis M. Gri: "Counting Leaves" (Fall and flares, KrysaliSound)
DR: "III" (Field recording meets sound, KrysaliSound)
the volume settings folder: "Laguna Rising - Neon Flares Dripping Down My Spine"(Hamlets,
the volume settings folder)

Kraut Sounds: "Crystal Waters" (Echoes, Kraut Sounds)
Robert Stillman: "Portal 3" (Portals, Orindal Records)
Visionary Hours: "Empty Hills Just After Rain" (Beyond the White, Preserved Sound)

Nick Nightingale: "The Dragon with Three Heads" (Ambient Guitar Works, Nick Nightingale)
Daniela Orvin: “Unmasked (Untitled (2014-2016), Gravity’s Rainbow Tapes)
the prairie lines: “this is where we kneel(eyes down slowdown, Whitelabrecs)

Ben McElroy: "To Warm Their Hearts" ( warm their hearts, if not their hands., Ben McElroy)
Jon Porras: "Generative Counterpoint" (Tokonoma, Geographic North)
Ben Zucker: "trlksco" (Worksworn, Ben Zucker)

Lorenzo Masotto: "Trees" (White Materials, Lorenzo Masotto)
Overshift: "The Antediluvian Question" (Of Light and Shade, Whitelabrecs)
Charlie Ulyatt: "Ah Moses" (Shifting, Charlie Ulyatt)

Nonconnah: "Lives Past And Lives To Come" (The Gloom & The Glowing, Nonconnah)
Francesco Berta: "Walls" (The Year of the Wolf, Francesco Berta)
Hanetration: "Water" (Ancients EP, Hanetration)

The Gentleman Losers: "The Good Bird Singin' in the Twilight Tree" (Permanently Midnight, Grainy Records)


Lorenzo Masotto: "Trees" (White Materials, Lorenzo Masotto)

1921: "In my veins" (In my veins, Compunctio)

The Knells: "Poltergeist" (Knells II, Still Sound Music)

MAE.SUN: "Breathe" (Vol. 1: Inter-be, MAE.SUN)

Cicada: "Fly" (White Forest, flau)

Colleen: "Winter Dawn" (A flame my love, a frequency, Thrill Jockey)

Kamancello: “Serpentine” (Kamancello, Kamancello)

VEIN: "Forlane" (VEIN plays Ravel, Challenge Records)

Chantal Acda: "Bounce Back" (Bounce Back, Glitterhouse Records)