Spotlight 20: Toby Hay / Hollan Holmes / Itoko Toma / Arne Torvik
Five Questions with Mark John McEncroe
Five Questions with Eric Hofbauer

Michael Robinson: Lilac Dawn (Azure Miles Records)
subtractiveLAD: Sustain / Release (Stephen Hummel)
Crown of Eternity: Dream Architecture [cassette] (Inner Islands)

Toby Hay: The Gathering (Cambrian Records)
Itoko Toma: When the World Will Mix Well (Schole)
Arne Torvik: Northwestern Sounds (Øra Fonogram)

Johan Agebjörn / Mikael Ögren: We Never Came To The White Sea (Spotted Peccary Music)
Hollan Holmes: Prayer To The Energy (Hollan Holmes)
Beth Levin: Bright Circle (Schubert / Brahms / Del Tredici) (Navona Records)

Gareth Dickson: Orwell Court (12k)
K. Leimer: Land of Look Behind (Remastered + Expanded) (Palace Of Lights)
Seabuckthorn: Turns (Lost Tribe Sound)

Mark John McEncroe: Dark Clouds In Life: Natalie's Suite & Other Works (Navona Records)
Marc Barreca: Aberrant Lens (Palace Of Lights)
Jeff Pearce: Follow the River Home (Jeff Pearce)

Jeff Herriott: The Stone Tapestry (New Focus Recordings)
Jeff Burch: Jeff Burch (The Spring Press)
William Ryan Fritch: Birkitshi - Eagle Hunters In A New World (Lost Tribe Sound)

Miles Okazaki: Trickster (Pi Recordings)
Adam Schoenberg: American Symphony / Finding Rothko / Picture Studies (Reference Recordings)
FOUDRE!: EARTH (Gizeh Records)

CLUBbleu: DARK~asian~ENERGY [singa~core album] (Gruenrekorder)
Saltland: A Common Truth (Constellation)
Those Who Walk Away: The Infected Mass (Constellation)

James Murray: Killing Ghosts (Home Normal)
Jim Haynes: Flammable Materials From Foreign Lands (Elevator Bath)
Poppy Nogood: Mood Paintings (Preserved Sound)

Nadia Reid: Preservation (Basin Rock)
Martin Schulte: Seasons (Lantern)
Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas Munk: Passage (Azure Vista Records)

36: Tomorrow's Explorers (3six Recordings)
Gideon Wolf: Year Zero (Fluid Audio)
thisquietarmy: Métamorphose (Grains of Sand)