Five Questions with Northumbria
Five Questions with Dale Trumbore
Spotlight 20: Toby Hay / Hollan Holmes / Itoko Toma / Arne Torvik

Y. Guney Hanedan: The Voyage (Y. Guney Hanedan)
Barry Lynn: Taurus Tapes (Touch Sensitive Records)
Justin Wright: Pattern Seeker [EP] (Second Best Records)

Northumbria: Markland (Cryo Chamber)
Alicia Terzian: Off the Edge (Navona Records)
VA: Mali Blues (Gruenrekorder Sound Art Series)

Cid Poitier: Deep Logic EP (Translation)
PRTCL & Survey: Traction (Notion Audio)
VA: Rogue Style 1 EP (Rogue Style)

John Glover & Kelley Rourke: Lucy (New Focus Recordings)
Dálava: The Book of Transfigurations (Songlines)
Lorenzo Masotto: Aeolian Processes (Dronarivm)

Iceland Symphony Orchestra: Recurrence (Sono Luminus)
Kevin Kastning: A Connection of Secrets (Greydisc Records)
Giovanni Piacentini: Chiaroscuro (Navona Records)

Rebecca Hennessy's FOG Brass Band: Two Calls (Rebecca Hennessy)
Cyger: Deep Space Mining (Rednetic)
Four313: Four313 EP (The Label)

The Lickets: Offering to Magnetic Mountain (International Corporation)
Liholesie: The Fog of Transition (Infinite Fog)
Cye Wood & Lisa Gerrard: The Trail of Genghis Khan (Cye Wood)

Do Make Say Think: Stubborn Persistent Illusions (Constellation Records)
Harris Eisenstadt: Recent Developments (Songlines)
Nathan Speir: Part of a Kindly Plan (Neptic Music)

Raffaele Grimaldi: An Image of Eternity (Blue Spiral Records)
Nuage: Wild (Project: Mooncircle)
Valgeir Sigurdsson: Dissonance (Bedroom Community)

Jeffrey Jacob: Reawakening: The Music of Jeffrey Jacob (Navona Records)
Elkhorn: The Black River (Debacle Records)
Jasper String Quartet: Unbound (New Amsterdam Records / Sono Luminus)

Choral Arts Initiative: How to Go On: The Choral Works of Dale Trumbore (Choral Arts Initiative)
Zhen Chen: Ergo: New Music For Piano & Chinese Folk Instruments (Navona Records)
ACME: Thrive on Routine (Sono Luminus)