Five Questions with Dale Trumbore
Spotlight 20: Toby Hay / Hollan Holmes / Itoko Toma / Arne Torvik
Five Questions with Mark John McEncroe

Raffaele Grimaldi: An Image of Eternity (Blue Spiral Records)
Nuage: Wild (Project: Mooncircle)
Valgeir Sigurdsson: Dissonance (Bedroom Community)

Jeffrey Jacob: Reawakening: The Music of Jeffrey Jacob (Navona Records)
Elkhorn: The Black River (Debacle Records)
Jasper String Quartet: Unbound (New Amsterdam Records / Sono Luminus)

Choral Arts Initiative: How to Go On: The Choral Works of Dale Trumbore (Choral Arts Initiative)
Zhen Chen: Ergo: New Music For Piano & Chinese Folk Instruments (Navona Records)
ACME: Thrive on Routine (Sono Luminus)

Matt Holman: The Tenth Muse (New Focus Recordings / Panoramic)
Jordan Hall: How To Listen To Machines: Songs for Violin & Noise [EP] (Jordan Hall)
Jessica Moss: Pools Of Light (Constellation Records)

Nicole Mitchell: Mandorla Awakening II: Emerging Worlds (FPE Records)
Mystified: Morning City (Spotted Peccary Music)
Chris Russell: Labyrinth (Spotted Peccary Music)

Crystal Mooncone: Listening Beam Five (Innova)
Grant Cutler: Self Portrait (Innova)
Trondheim Voices / Batagraf: On Anodyne (Grappa)

Cakewalk: Ishihara (Hubro)
Dans les arbres: Phosphoresence (Hubro)
Stephan Meidell: Metrics (Hubro)

1982: Chromola (Hubro)
Brooklyn Youth Chorus: Black Mountain Songs (New Amsterdam Records)
DJ Trax: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea [EP] (Tempo Records)

North Atlantic Drift: Departures, Vol. 1 (Polar Seas Recordings)
North Texas Wind Symphony: Inventions (GIA WindWorks)
Akira Kosemura: Someday EP (Schole)

Lullatone: Thinking About Thursdays (Lullatone)
Super Heavy Metal: Music for Cymbals (Hubro)
Nordic Affect: Raindamage (Sono Luminus)

Isabel Bayrakdarian: Mother of Light (Armenian Hymns and Chants in Praise of Mary) (Delos)
Bhattacharya / Grønseth / Wessel: Bhattacharya / Grønseth / Wessel (Pling Music)
Klute: Read Between The Lines (Commercial Suicide)