Five Questions with Samantha Boshnack
Spotlight 21: Rebecca Hennessy / Verneri Pohjola / Rotem Sivan / Wako
Five Questions with Anneli Drecker

Sam Boshnack Quintet: The Nellie Bly Project (Artists Recording Collective)
Brandon Coleman Quartet: Infinite Loop (Brandon Coleman)
Bill Whitley: I Dream Awake (Ravello Records)

Channelers: Faces of Love (Inner Islands)
Endurance: Echoic Architecture (Polar Seas Recordings)
Andy Vaz: Zwei im Tee (Chiwax)

Katharina Klement: peripheries (Gruenrekorder)
Michael Kurek: The Sea Knows (Navona Records)
Marc Namblard: F. Guyana (Gruenrekorder)

Ron Samworth: Dogs Do Dream (Drip Audio)
Sick Boss: Sick Boss (Drip Audio)
Anne Vanschothorst: Beautiful World (HSM)

Olie Brice Quintet: Day After Day (Babel)
The Green Kingdom: The North Wind and the Sun (Lost Tribe Sound)
Earl Grey: Headwinds (Inperspective Records)

William Ryan Fritch: Old Believers (Extended Edition) / Sum of its Parts (Lost Tribe Sound)
Dave Liebman / Joe Lovano: Compassion: The Music of John Coltrane (Resonance Records)
Dexta: Goomba Riddim / Vintage [EP] (none60)

Alder & Ash: Clutched In The Maw Of The World / Psalms for the Sunder (Lost Tribe Sound)
Jason Kao Hwang: Sing House (Euonymus)
Quaeschning & Schnauss: Synthwaves (Azure Vista Records)

Focal: Polarity (Ultimae Records)
yadayn: Adem (Navalorama Records)
Thomas Ragsdale / Gavin Miller: The Hagg / Avec Plaisir [EP] (This Is It Forever)

Jan Jirásek: Parallel Worlds (Navona Records)
John Matthias & Jay Auborn: Race To Zero (Village Green)
The Left Outsides: There Is A Place [cassette] (Eggs in Aspic)

Brutter: Reveal and Rise (Hubro)
Phonophani: Animal Imagination (Hubro)
PRISM Quartet: Color Theory (XAS Records)

Jeffrey Roden: Threads of a Prayer Volume 2 (Solaire Records)
Synthetic Love Dream: The Royal Scotsman (Galtta)
Stag Hare: Starlights Gloom [cassette] (Inner Islands)