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Blu Mar Ten: Famous Lost Words Remixes: Part 2
Blu Mar Ten Music

That this second set of Famous Lost Words Remixes doesn't exert quite as strong an impact as its predecessor is easily explained: as solid as the three treatments are on the new EP (vinyl and digital), none is as stunning as the first's “Break It All Apart” overhaul, as memorable for Break's beat thrust as Agne Genyte's vocal performance. No matter: Kid Drama, Anile, and Conduct all rise to the occasion in their own way as they tackle three different tracks from the 2013 album.

Up first, Kid Drama recasts “Thin Air” as a moody half-stepper whose jittery skip'n'snap is darkened by a pitched-down vocal by Robert Manos that in places registers at a more subliminal than conscious level. Awash in synthesizers, Kid Drama's deeply atmospheric rendering offers a dramatic and sweeping entry-point to the twenty-minute EP. Anile then takes the controls for a punchy re-imagining of “Remembered Her Wrong” that sees a lithe drum'n'bass pulse battered by swaths of echo-drenched guitars. Tougher than Kid Drama's remix, Anile's wails with bass-powered determination. Pitched somewhere in the middle is Conduct's Calibre-esque “Hunter” treatment, which is characterized by sultry, piano-laced elegance and crisp beatsmithing. As atmospherically effective as it is, the track's strongest feature is arguably its drum groove, which turns hypnotic in Conduct's hands.

Regardless of the differences between the first two EPs, it'll be interesting to see who's on board for the third and final chapter in the Famous Lost Words remix series—no doubt we'll know soon.

November 2014