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Librah: My Love is 4ever
Yore Records

Not much information is available about Librah aside from the fact that the outfit hails from Sweden and issued a twelve-inch single titled 2BWU on Parkwest in 2012. That Librah's latest material appears on Yore Records is a sure sign of quality, however, and, true enough, My Love is 4ever doesn't disappoint. The release splits two Deep House tracks across its twelve-inch, transparent-coloured vinyl sides (limited to 250 copies), and supplements them with a digital-only bonus mix of the title cut.

The material's mood is largely one of joy and uplift. The silky smooth title track quickly locks into its snappy house groove at the outset, and then pulls back the curtains to let the sunlight pour in. A bright theme imbues the skipping pulse with flavour, and the track rolls along for seven quietly jubilant minutes, its carefree spirit bolstered by a dreamlike vocal refrain and luscious synthesizer textures.

Unspooling at a slightly slower BPM, the B-side's “Gravity” opens with a sampled voiceover of grave character (“When you live in a poor neighborhood, you're living in an area where you have to have poor schools / When you have poor schools, you have poor teachers...”) before fixating on the tune's insistently swinging and hypnotic instrumental design.

The digital mix of “My Love is 4ever” packs a punch, too, especially when it pounds a bit harder than the original and sweetens the deal with a funky bass part and a twinkly keyboard riff. Despite being obviously similar to the original, the bonus version offers an irresistibly funky and infectious riff on the original, so much so it's easy to picture the dancefloor filling up in response to it.

April 2013