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Total Science / Villem & McLeod: So Addicted / Putting Down Roots (Total Science Remix)
Warm Communications

It's rare indeed for a piece of music to leave the listener in a state of awe, but that's pretty much what Total Science (drum'n'bass producers Jason Greenhalgh and Paul Smith) accomplishes with its Grimm collab “So Addicted,” the lead cut on this two-track vinyl outing for US label Warm Communications (the digital release comes with a bonus instrumental version of the track).

Having recorded together since 1994, Greenhalgh and Smith clearly know a thing or two about track construction and pacing, things “So Addicted” showcases in fabulous manner. The track bolts from the gate with single-minded determination, after which Grimm's high-pitched vocal enters, the swoon of its multi-layered languor a dramatic contrast to the furious pace of the backing. The voice drops out midway through, allowing the listener to better hear the muted bass swarm roaring through the background. Grimm might be “So addicted… to your love,” but it's the listener who ends up addicted to Total Science's mighty roller.

The other cut's a quality affair, too, even if it's not the release's prime selling-point. The flip in this case sees Total Science remixing “Putting Down Roots” by Bristol duo Villem (Andrew Wilson) & McLeod (Sam McLeod). Think six dynamic minutes of fidgety jungle-inflected beatsmithing sprinkled with trippy atmospheric effects, bass smears, and soulful vocal accents and you're on the right track. As a production exercise, it offers constant stimulation, yet it can't help but be overshadowed by the epic uplift of “So Addicted,” which, even in its instrumental form, mesmerizes.

November 2014